my second art video

2016-06-14 11:01:12 by deadly-kiss I cant believe I forgot to post this here 

My first youtube video

2016-04-15 17:32:39 by deadly-kiss

This is my first rt station tour

What Should I draw next?

2016-03-12 16:03:52 by deadly-kiss

VOTE HERE ~~~~~>> <<~~~~~ VOTE HERE


2016-02-06 17:29:38 by deadly-kiss

Hey! Normally you guys don't hear from me but I need help! I want to do a challenge but I don't know what to do first! So you guys can pick between the 3 marker challenge, the blind fold challenge, and, the wrong hand challenge! Vote on my facebook page ~
Create a post saying what one you want to win! Thank you ~ArtistOfTheNight1~ 


2015-12-27 14:03:10 by deadly-kiss

Sorry about not being on in a long time. I had allot of things I had to do at school then I came down with a bad chest cold or flu I still honestly do not know. I'm well now and hopefully will be able to post weekly again. 

Fan art Help

2015-12-05 18:43:34 by deadly-kiss

I need help in making some fan art. Right now im working on pokemon. Im thinking about Regualr Show or Adventure time but I don't know who.... Fell free to give suggestions :)